With cycle hire available less than 5 minutes away from Stoke Central at the Nelson Airport, this township is a great place to begin your journey along the Great Taste Trail. For a truly unforgettable experience, we recommend asking for a bicycle with a wicker basket at the front (just like in the movies), and pre-booking a packed lunch from The Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco. The trail will have you weaving past an array of picturesque locations, such as the Monaco Peninsula and the Waimea Inlet, meaning that there are plenty of places for you to stop and enjoy a picnic in the shade.

Photo: Chocolate Dog Photography

The Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco is the perfect base for exploring the wider Nelson Tasman region, located only 15 minutes from Nelson City and Richmond, and only 5 minutes from the Airport. Brick terrace houses and quaint cottages are set amongst a stunning village green overlooking the Monaco Peninsula, whilst tranquil blue swimming pools, fruit trees and waterside swings just add to its picture-perfect appeal! Savour the taste of delicious local cuisine at the waterfront restaurant as the sun sets overhead, or take a short early morning stroll to the Monaco reserve to watch as a new dawn is rising.

Photo: Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco

From humble beginnings making peanut butter in a cement mixer to today’s global success story, Pic’s Peanut Butter is our regions very own international icon. Join in on one of the weekday factory tours with other peanut butter enthusiasts to hear how Pic created this breakfast delicacy using nothing but peanuts, sea salt and a little bit of love! Watch in awe as the peanuts are roasted, churned, crushed, packaged and labelled, ready to be sent out and savoured by peanut butter lovers the world over. After the tour, the kids can even get involved and have a go at making their own!

Photo: Pic's Peanut Butter

Take a walk down memory lane at the world renowned Nelson Classic Cars Museum, home to one of Australasia's largest private collections of classic cars. Whilst an extraordinary exhibition of vintage, veteran and classic cars will keep you entertained, the on-site Little Engine Room eatery is the perfect place to 'refuel' after all of the excitement. 

Photo: Nelson Classic Cars Museum

The Monaco Peninsula, which is home to a small, tight knit community, is an extraordinary place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The soundtrack of summer is the laughter of excited children swimming at the jetty, reeling in a fish or kicking a ball around the reserve, whilst at all times of the day, and at all times of the year, you’ll see couples, families and small groups of friends taking a leisurely stroll or short bike ride around the stunning seaside village. Fun fact: back in the 1950’s residents with beachfront properties used to plan their days entirely around the tides. The peninsula, which sits on the edge of the Waimea Inlet, now has an alternate high tide road, but you’ll still often see residents driving along the beach to access their properties.

Photo: Aimee Macquet

A trip to Stoke wouldn’t be complete without a tour and tasting at McCashins Brewery. Starting life as the Rochdale Cider factory in the late 1930’s, McCashins Brewery officially began producing craft beer in 1980, and the founding father Terry McCashin is known for playing an integral role in New Zealand’s craft brewing revolution. To this day, the brewery continues to handcraft extraordinary craft beer and cider from Nelson’s finest organic ingredients. A tour of the facilities is the perfect opportunity to learn about the brewery and it’s rich history – watch the brewers in action, arouse your senses with the aromas of Nelson Tasman hops and tantalise your tastebuds with the delicious artisan beverages that have (unsurprisingly) put McCashins on the world map.

The Isel Park Night Market is a popular Thursday night activity for locals and visitors alike, running from 4.30pm until dark, October through to April. With delicious street food, fresh produce, local art and craft, and live entertainment, all set amongst a heritage woodland and flourishing gardens, there couldn’t be a more picturesque place to spend a warm summers night.

Photo: Isel Park Night Market

The Saxton Velodrome is an exciting new development in the Saxton Field Sports Complex and is already a hit with locals and visitors from near and far! A public facility for riders of all skill levels, the velodrome includes a main embanked track, an inner warm up track, and a learn to ride area with a roundabout, intersections and road signs. A great place for anyone who loves to ride, on the weekends you’ll see families, kids, beginners and seasoned cyclists enjoying the infield and whizzing around the track.

Photo: Tasman District Council

If you have kids who are regularly bouncing off the walls, why not bring them down to Flip Out where they can burn some energy by quite literally doing just that?! The indoor trampoline park on Pascoe Street is like paradise for energetic children, and the excitement is infectious. Everywhere you look you’ll see them climbing up the walls, diving into the foam pit, slam-dunking basketballs, tumbling down the tracks, and bouncing around the parkour area. 

Photo: Flip Out Indoor Trampoline Park

All year round in a beautifully furnished cottage in Stoke, you can step back in time to see how the generations before you once lived. The Broadgreen Historic House & Rose Garden promises to provide a unique heritage experience, as you glimpse into Nelson Tasman’s colonial beginnings, right back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. You can opt for a guided tour to hear the stories of our regions’ pioneers, or you can peruse the historical furnishings, gowns and extensive rose garden at your own pace. Top tip: the Samuels Rose Garden is home to over 3000 extraordinary plants, and if you’re around in November, keep an eye out on the events calendar for the unmissable annual ‘Among the Roses’ celebration.